What to do in Galicia

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What to do in Galicia

There really are many things to do in Galicia with a multitude of Galicia attractions to choose from such as a variety of  Fiestas in Galicia, shows, theatres, exhibitions, museums in Galicia, art galleries & bars in Galicia, various casinos & nightclubs, bird watching & walking tours in Galicia. Anyone visiting Galicia will always find plenty of things to do throughout the entire year. A friendly welcome is never far away Galicia offers memorable surroundings and a great ambiance where a warm and friendly welcome is never far away.

One of the greatest and most popular ways to explore Galicia is to of course follow the touristic route of discovery, the Camino de Santiago, there are also many wonderful and enchanting vineyards & cellars scattered throughout Galicia which are highly recommended to visit. Galicia is also home to many spa resorts and ancient Celtic & roman remains, not to mention the various city tours in Galicia that you can choose from where you can explore the magnificent old town architecture that you will find in places such as la Coruña, Santiago de Compostela, Lugo, Ourense and Pontevedra, the old town and Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela include some of the worlds finest examples of Baroque architecture.

What To Do in Santiago

If you are planning to visit Santiago de Compostela and are wondering what to do in Santiago then you will be pleasently surprised with the number of attractions Santiago de Compostela has to offer. There is of course the breathtaking Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela to explore as well as many other wonderful churches, museums and galleries. The bars and restaurants in Santiago de Compostela offer all the Galician delicacies that this region and city are famous for and a night out sampling tapas in Santiago de Compostela is not to be missed.